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Why you should take
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Is ‘an apple a day’ really enough
to keep the doctor away?

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Healthcare costs are unsustainable

Costs for American families have
doubled in less than nine years.

– 2011 Milliman Medical Index

Increased illness drives costs

Increased illness drives costs

“The main driver of increasing healthcare costs is greater utilization of health services due to the growing burden of health risk and chronic illness.”

– International Journal of
Workplace Health Management

Prevention is the cure

Prevention is essential

“We need to start making more strategic investments in healthcare and health-enhancing services that support people to stay healthy enough to work.”

– International Journal of
Workplace Health Management

Invest in your health

The best investment in health

Micronutrient supplements
are the top ranked solution to ten of the most pressing challenges facing the world today with “tremendously high benefits compared to costs.”

-Copenhagen Consensus, 2008

What We Eat Influences Our Mental Health

For general health.

For clinicians and their patients.

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